Authenticated, a non-profit organization that has as its mission to use artistic expression to help underserved youth and young adults realize their inner potential. Please visit AAA here.

At HETConnect Studios we offer a variety of public art options from relief and/or mosaic murals and mixed media sculpture, to a wide range of functional Environmental Enhancement packages. These packages include but are not limited to:

     designer benches

     game tables & stools

     trash can containers


     lamp poles,

     unique & original 3D art

We also offer a wide range of art and mixed media sculpture, paintings, prints, sketches and murals. Artistic Director Richard Ward has a passion for his work that is evident in every piece he creates. Browse the galleries and notice his level of commitment to detail and craftsmenship.

Richard Ward

Artistic Director

Exquisite Expressions

We are deeply affiliated with Arts in Action

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